Share Your Story

All of us have a story.  When those stories intersect with God’s story, there is always something worth sharing.  Your story is a great way to honor God, encourage others, and strengthen yourself.  We would love to hear about every victory that God is writing into your story. 

Tips for sharing your story:

1) Be clear and concise.  
Don’t try to share your whole story.  Your story is constantly unfolding.

2) Focus on one thing that’s special.  
Describe one highlight moment from your story that changed your life and heart.  Use thoughts and emotions that give a vivid “before” and “after” effect.

3) Point to Jesus.
Jesus is always the solution to our problem, the answer to our question, the hero in our story.

4) Write your story below:
Writing out your story is a great way for you to practice sharing your story with others in person.

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